Scanning Technology


InspecTerra Inc. TM (ITI TM) offers unique, reliable, time and cost effective, and environmentally-friendly method for condition assessment of reinforced concrete structures.

Corrosion is a leading cause of structural deficiency in concrete bridges and has a negative impact on structural building components.


InspecTerra Inc. developed a scanning device and software to evaluate reinforcement from the surface of concrete and detect defects (corrosion, pitting, and cracks). InspecTerra believes that with the quickness and reliability of the method, failure probability in RC structures can be detected sooner which increase safety, and assure their designed service capacity.


Advantages of developed method:

  • Load distribution mapping

  • No specific surface preparation

  • Inspection speed: 10 meter/minute

  • Not affected by environmental conditions (moisture, salt, temperature)

  • No limitations in repeatability

  • Easy to operate

  • Competitive cost


Corrosion detection, NDT, non-destructive testing, InspecTerra Inc., Reinforced concrete structure, Bridge, Parking structures.